My Camaro 2013



What I Love

My Cars from 1980:

This is a Saab 96 1969, the same color as I had. This was my first registered car. I owned it through the fall of 1982. It was bought on auction for 3600 kroner. My grandmother helped me with the money. It had 68000 km on it. I loved the car.

This is a BMW 318 1977. I owned one from 1984 through 1989. Mine was first silver, then alpine white and then burgundy. I had added spoilers, side skirts, two double 45 Weber Carburetors and many other things

1970 VW Beetle in perfect condition, red. A very reliable good car

Red Lada, do not remember year, well it started always

This was my 1974 Camaro. I had it from 1990 to 1994. The car was in very good condition, but also became my biggest loss when I sold it for 30.000 and bought it for 60.000 kroner. It was a very nice car.

1970 Mini Morris 1993 - 1994, It was not in any good condition, a lot of rust and when the gears broke down I sold it again. I drove it from Oslo to Gryllefjord.

1985 Honda Accord 1994 to 1996. This also became a huge loss when I sold it after 2 years. It was in a very good condition and a very nice car. I went to several vacations with my daughter.

Toyota Corolla, a very good car, had 180000 miles on it which is about 280.000 km. This was my wife's drive to work car and it was very reliable. We went on a longer vacation, even up in Canada with it.

Ford Conversion Van 1991 from 1997 through 2005. I loved my van. It had captains chairs all around and we had many nice trips around with it. We went camping in many state parks

VW Beetle 2001 from 2001. My first very new car. It was fantastic and we had a lot of good moments with the car. We sold it after 10 years when we where in Puerto Rico. To expensive to bring back to USA

Mustang 1966 bought 2006 to present. It have gone through a lot of changes and even if it is not original any more it is the way that I love it. It is a never ending story, next year is 10 year jubilee. I am finishing up this spring, not much left now.

Honda Accord 2000 from 2007 - present. It had 93000 miles on it but it was in perfect condition when I got it. It has been a good “Work horse” Still going strong

The next car might be a Volvo station wagon. Space for a lot on our Ikea run’s. And a 2013 Chevrolet Camaro