My Camaro 2013



What I Love

Free Style


I 've been watchin' you at school all year long

Wonder if someone else has guessed what's been wrong

Cause when I see you so tall and slim

My line of defenses they just cave in

Oh I try to concentrate, I can't see things straight I ought to pay attention, but how can that be done When the only sound I long to hear is your sweet voice Inviting me, sayin' oh

I want you, I need you so bad

Hours are seconds when we're makin' love Oh I'm soarin', I'm flyin', miles above Will this ever be true

Tossin' and turnin', I even tried to pray

Daydreams turned to nightmares

And I heard the gypsy say

If you don't make a move to win

You'll see her step right in

Holding him

One minute I felt lost, the next I'm holdin' you

Oh my fingers trembled, when you told me what to do

You said—Help me with my buttons

And lay down with me

I've waited so long, so long oh

All rights Free Style, Sweden