My Camaro 2013



What I Love


I just can't believe the things

I know that I've seen today

They frightened me

Seven Strange men appearing with the speed of light

Chasing me

I ran down the streets and tried to get some help

But I was all alone

Suddenly I stood there paralyzed

Carried away like a hunter's prize

To a spacemachine

A strange kind of prison made of light

Was the only thing

Surrounding me

Suddenly I fell

Everything was black

And someone called out my name

Am I sane

Is this some vicious game

Could it be a dream

Have I lost my sanity

Will someone take me home

Back to my friends and reality

Aha, I feel so small and helpless

Aha, what made me lose control

Seems like my mind is slipping

I wonder if someone could find my soul