Family Haaversen with relatives and ancestors

Included is the person's name, [sex], (Soundex code), and key event facts.

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August Johansen [M] (J525)

Dagny Johansen [F] (J525)

Daniel Johansen [M] (J525)

Edla Amalie Johansen [F] (J525)

Elma Margaretha Johansen [F] (J525)

Gerd Johansen [F] (J525)

Gudrun Johansen [F] (J525)

Gustav Adolf Johansen [M] (J525)

Harald Anton Johansen [M] (J525)

Hilja Johansen [F] (J525)

Hilma Karoline Johansen [F] (J525)

Ida Johansen [F] (J525)

Ida Karoline Johansen [F] (J525)

Jenny Angela Johansen [F] (J525)

Johan-August Johansen [M] (J525)

Johan-Hjalmar Johansen [M] (J525)

John Anton Johansen [M] (J525)

Jonette Johansen [F] (J525)

Kaare Johansen [M] (J525)

Kjell Johansen [M] (J525)

Kristian Johansen [M] (J525)

Linda Johansen [F] (J525)

Marie Magdalena Johansen [F] (J525)

Martha Johansen [F] (J525)

Mildrid Johansen [F] (J525)

Odd Johansen [M] (J525)

Odd-Bjarne Johansen [M] (J525)

Ragnhild Johansen [F] (J525)

Rolf Johansen [M] (J525)

Sofie Johansen [F] (J525)

Svein Erik Johansen [M] (J525)

Sverre Johansen [M] (J525)

Torgun Gustava Johansen [F] (J525)

Trygve Johansen [M] (J525)

Adele Johnsen [F] (J525)

Agnes Johnsen [F] (J525)

Agnes Johnsen [F] (J525)

Aina Johnsen [F] (J525)

Alf Johnsen [M] (J525)

Alfred Martinius Johnsen [M] (J525)

Anna Marie Johnsen [F] (J525)

Anne Johnsen [F] (J525)

Annfrid Johnsen [F] (J525)

Arne Johnsen [M] (J525)

Arnold Johnsen [M] (J525)

�shild Johnsen [F] (J525)

Astrid Therese Johnsen [F] (J525)

Berte Johnsen [F] (J525)

Bjarne-Th Johnsen [M] (J525)

Edla Johnsen [F] (J525)

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